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Why Can’t Plex Find My Server


Why Can’t Plex Find My Server?

Plex is a popular media server platform that allows users to organize and stream their media content across various devices. However, sometimes users encounter issues where Plex is unable to find their server, causing frustration and inconvenience. Let’s explore some of the common reasons behind this problem and how to resolve them.

1. Network Issues: Plex requires a stable network connection to discover and connect to the server. Ensure that both your server and client devices are connected to the same network and check for any network connectivity issues.

2. Firewall and Antivirus Settings: Firewalls and antivirus programs may block the communication between the server and client devices. Configure your firewall settings to allow Plex to communicate through the necessary ports (32400 by default) and add Plex as an exception in your antivirus program.

3. Server Offline: Make sure your server is powered on and running. Check the server’s network settings and verify that the correct IP address is assigned.

4. Incorrect Server Settings: Ensure that the server is properly configured in the Plex settings. Verify that the server is signed in to your Plex account and that remote access is enabled.

5. Outdated Plex Versions: Check if you are using the latest version of Plex Media Server. Update the server software if necessary, as older versions may have compatibility issues.

6. Multiple Network Interfaces: If your server has multiple network interfaces, Plex might be searching for the server on the wrong interface. Specify the correct network interface in the server settings.

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7. Router Configuration: Certain routers may require specific settings to allow Plex to function correctly. Consult the Plex support documentation or forums to find the necessary router configurations for your setup.


1. Why can’t Plex find my server even though it is on the same network?
Check your firewall settings and ensure that Plex is allowed to communicate through the necessary ports.

2. Can I access my Plex server remotely?
Yes, ensure that remote access is enabled in the Plex server settings and that your network allows incoming connections.

3. Why does Plex sometimes lose connection to the server?
Network issues, server offline, or outdated Plex versions can contribute to connection loss. Troubleshoot these factors to resolve the issue.

4. How do I update Plex Media Server?
Visit the Plex website or check for updates within the server settings to download and install the latest version.

5. Why is my Plex server not accessible from outside my home network?
Ensure that remote access is enabled and that your router is properly configured to forward Plex traffic to the server.

6. How can I fix a “Server Not Found” error on Plex?
Check network connectivity, firewall settings, and verify that the server is running and signed in to your Plex account.

7. Why does Plex keep saying “Looking for Servers”?
This message indicates that Plex is searching for available servers on the network. Ensure that the server is running and properly configured.