Embedded Technology Guide Tech Who Manufactures SQL Server and What Is This Dbms’ Current Version Number

Who Manufactures SQL Server and What Is This Dbms’ Current Version Number


Who Manufactures SQL Server and What Is This DBMS’ Current Version Number?

SQL Server, a popular relational database management system (DBMS), is manufactured by Microsoft Corporation. As one of the leading technology companies in the world, Microsoft has been developing and enhancing SQL Server to meet the evolving needs of businesses and data-driven applications. SQL Server is widely used by organizations of all sizes, ranging from small startups to large enterprises.

The current version of SQL Server is SQL Server 2019. This version was released in November 2019 and introduced several new features and enhancements. SQL Server 2019 includes improved security capabilities, enhanced performance, and increased scalability. It also introduces the ability to run SQL Server on Linux operating systems, providing more flexibility for organizations with diverse IT environments.

FAQs about SQL Server:

1. What is SQL Server used for?
SQL Server is used for storing, managing, and retrieving data in a relational database format. It is commonly used for building and supporting various data-driven applications, including websites, enterprise systems, and business intelligence solutions.

2. What programming languages can be used with SQL Server?
SQL Server supports multiple programming languages, including T-SQL (Transact-SQL), a proprietary language developed by Microsoft, and other languages like C#, Java, and Python.

3. Can SQL Server be used on cloud platforms?
Yes, Microsoft offers SQL Server as a service on its cloud platform called Azure. This allows organizations to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and easily scale their SQL Server databases.

4. Is SQL Server only available for Windows operating systems?
No, starting with SQL Server 2017, Microsoft introduced support for Linux operating systems. This means SQL Server can be installed and run on both Windows and Linux platforms.

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5. How can I learn SQL Server?
There are various resources available for learning SQL Server, including online tutorials, documentation provided by Microsoft, and training courses offered by Microsoft and other educational institutions.

6. Is SQL Server free?
Microsoft offers different editions of SQL Server, including a free edition called SQL Server Express. However, there are also paid editions with additional features and capabilities.

7. Can SQL Server be used for big data processing?
Yes, SQL Server offers integration with its big data platform called Azure Data Lake Storage and supports data processing using tools like Apache Spark and Hadoop. This allows organizations to handle large volumes of data efficiently.

In conclusion, SQL Server is manufactured by Microsoft Corporation, and the current version is SQL Server 2019. It is a versatile DBMS used by organizations worldwide, and it continues to evolve with each new release, providing enhanced features and capabilities for managing data effectively.