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What Was Mac Jones Major in College


What Was Mac Jones Major in College?

Mac Jones, the talented quarterback for the New England Patriots, has made quite the impact in the NFL since being drafted in 2021. But before his professional career, many are curious about his college experience and what he studied. So, what was Mac Jones’ major in college?

Mac Jones attended the University of Alabama, where he played football for the Crimson Tide. During his time at Alabama, he majored in Communications. This major focuses on developing effective communication skills, including written, verbal, and visual communication. It also covers areas such as public speaking, journalism, media production, and interpersonal communication.


1. Why did Mac Jones choose to major in Communications?
Mac Jones had a passion for effective communication and saw it as a valuable skill for his future career, both on and off the football field.

2. Did his major help him in his football career?
Yes, effective communication is crucial in football for coordinating plays, understanding game plans, and leading the team.

3. How did Mac Jones balance his football commitments with his college major?
Like many student-athletes, Mac Jones had to manage his time effectively to juggle both his sports and academic responsibilities.

4. Did Mac Jones have any notable achievements in his major?
While his focus was primarily on football, Mac Jones was able to develop his communication skills through presentations and group projects within his major.

5. Did Mac Jones consider pursuing a career in Communications outside of football?
While it’s unclear if Mac Jones had plans for a career in Communications, his major provided him with transferable skills that can be beneficial in various professions.

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6. Are there any other famous athletes who studied Communications?
Yes, there are several athletes who have studied Communications, including former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal and NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

7. What other majors do football players commonly pursue?
Football players often pursue majors in fields such as Business, Exercise Science, Criminal Justice, Psychology, or Sports Management.

In conclusion, Mac Jones majored in Communications during his time at the University of Alabama. This major provided him with valuable communication skills that have undoubtedly contributed to his success both on and off the football field.