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What Is Server Based Network


What Is Server Based Network?

A server based network, also known as a client-server network, is a computer network in which a centralized server is responsible for managing resources, data, and applications. In this type of network, client devices, such as computers or smartphones, connect to the server to access shared resources and services.

The server acts as a central hub, providing various services to the connected clients. It stores files, manages user accounts, hosts applications, and controls network traffic. The clients, on the other hand, rely on the server for these services and resources.

FAQs about Server Based Network:

1. What are the benefits of a server based network?
A server based network offers centralized management, increased security, efficient resource utilization, easy scalability, and the ability to share resources and data across multiple clients.

2. Can a server based network be implemented in small businesses?
Yes, server based networks can be implemented in small businesses. In fact, they are highly recommended as they allow for efficient resource sharing, data backup, and secure access control.

3. What type of server is used in a server based network?
There are various types of servers used in server based networks, including file servers, web servers, database servers, and application servers. The type of server depends on the specific needs and requirements of the network.

4. Is server based network suitable for remote access?
Yes, server based networks are ideal for remote access. Users can connect to the server from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling them to access files, applications, and other resources remotely.

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5. Can a server based network handle high traffic?
Yes, server based networks are designed to handle high traffic. The server acts as a central point of control, managing and distributing network traffic efficiently.

6. What are the security measures in a server based network?
Server based networks employ various security measures, including user authentication, access control, encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, to ensure the protection of data and resources.

7. What are the limitations of a server based network?
One limitation is that if the server goes down, clients may lose access to shared resources and services. Additionally, server based networks require skilled IT personnel to set up and maintain the server infrastructure.