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What Is Regents in Common App


What Is Regents in Common App?

The Common Application, also known as Common App, is a platform that allows students to apply to multiple colleges and universities using a single application. It simplifies the college application process by providing a centralized system for submitting information such as personal details, academic transcripts, and recommendation letters. One aspect of the Common App that often confuses students is the section on Regents.

The Regents section of the Common App refers to the New York State Regents Examinations. These standardized tests are administered to students in New York State to assess their knowledge and skills in various subjects. The Regents Examinations cover a wide range of subjects, including English, math, science, social studies, and foreign languages.

FAQs about Regents in Common App:

Q: Do I need to take the Regents Examinations to apply through Common App?
A: No, taking the Regents Examinations is not a requirement for using the Common App. The Common App is open to students from all states, and not all states have standardized exams like the Regents. However, if you are a New York State resident and have taken the Regents Examinations, you can report your scores through the Common App.

Q: How do I report my Regents scores on the Common App?
A: To report your Regents scores, you will need to enter the details in the “Testing” section of the Common App. You can choose the subjects you have taken Regents Examinations in and provide the corresponding scores. Make sure to accurately report your scores to avoid any discrepancies during the application review process.

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Q: Are Regents scores considered in the college admissions process?
A: The role of Regents scores in the college admissions process varies from institution to institution. Some colleges may consider Regents scores as part of their evaluation of an applicant’s academic performance and potential. However, many colleges place more emphasis on other factors such as high school GPA, standardized test scores (e.g., SAT or ACT), extracurricular activities, and essays. It is essential to research the specific admission requirements of each college you are applying to understand how they consider Regents scores.

Q: Can I submit additional documents related to my Regents Examinations?
A: The Common App does not provide a specific section for submitting additional documents like Regents Examinations answer sheets or certificates. However, some colleges may allow you to upload supplemental materials through their individual application portals. If you believe that your Regents scores can significantly enhance your application, you may reach out to the admissions office of each college to inquire about their policy on submitting additional documents.

Q: What if I have not taken the Regents Examinations?
A: If you are a New York State resident and have not taken the Regents Examinations, you do not need to worry. While reporting your Regents scores is optional, not having taken the exams will not negatively impact your Common App submission. Colleges understand that not all students have access to the Regents Examinations, and they evaluate applications holistically, considering various other factors.

In conclusion, the Regents section in the Common App is a feature specifically for students from New York State who have taken the Regents Examinations. Reporting your scores accurately can provide colleges with additional information about your academic abilities. However, it is crucial to remember that the role of Regents scores in the admissions process may vary among institutions. Focus on presenting a well-rounded application that showcases your strengths and achievements in all aspects of your academic and personal life.

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