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What Is a Server in Volleyball


What Is a Server in Volleyball?

In the game of volleyball, a server is a player who begins the rally by serving the ball over the net to the opposing team. Serving is an essential skill in volleyball and can greatly impact the outcome of a match. It requires precision, power, and strategic placement to put the opposing team at a disadvantage.


1. How does serving work in volleyball?
When serving, a player stands behind the end line of the court and hits the ball with an open hand or fist, aiming to send it over the net and into the opposing team’s court. The server must ensure that the ball passes over the net and lands within the boundaries of the opposing team’s court.

2. Can a server step on or over the end line while serving?
No, the server must remain behind the end line until they hit the ball. Stepping on or over the line before striking the ball results in a fault, and the server loses their turn.

3. What happens if the server hits the net during their serve?
If the server’s ball hits the net but still goes over to the opposing team’s court, it is considered a legal serve, and the rally continues. However, if the ball fails to clear the net and falls back onto the server’s side, it is a fault, and the serve is lost.

4. Can a server change their position on the court?
Yes, after serving, the server can move to any position on the court, just like other players. However, they cannot change positions until after the ball has been served.

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5. How many attempts does a server have?
In most cases, a server has only one attempt to serve the ball over the net successfully. If the server fails to do so, it results in a fault, and the opposing team gains a point.

6. Can a server hit the ball with any part of their body?
No, the server must use an open hand or a fist to strike the ball. Hitting the ball with any other part of the body, such as the arm or foot, is considered illegal and results in a fault.

7. Can a server deliberately distract the opposing team?
No, a server is not allowed to distract the opposing team intentionally. Making excessive noise or engaging in any other behavior that disrupts the opposing team’s concentration is a violation and may result in a penalty for the server’s team.

In conclusion, a server in volleyball is a player responsible for initiating the rally by serving the ball over the net. Serving requires precision, power, and strategic placement to gain an advantage over the opposing team. Understanding the rules and techniques of serving is crucial for players to contribute effectively to their team’s success.