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What Is a Back Server Restaurant


What Is a Back Server Restaurant?

A back server restaurant, also known as a backwaiter or a back server system, is a unique dining concept that aims to enhance customer service and improve overall dining experience. In this type of restaurant, the traditional role of a waiter or waitress is divided into two distinct positions: a front server and a back server.

The front server is responsible for taking orders, interacting with customers, and ensuring their needs are met throughout their dining experience. On the other hand, the back server is responsible for delivering food and beverages, clearing tables, and providing any additional support required by the front server or the customers.

The back server system is designed to streamline service and increase efficiency in the dining room. By splitting the responsibilities, the front server can focus on building relationships with customers and providing a personalized experience, while the back server ensures that food and drinks are promptly delivered and tables are cleared promptly.

FAQs about Back Server Restaurants:

1. Why do some restaurants use a back server system?
– Back server system allows for better coordination and efficiency, resulting in improved customer service.

2. How does the back server system benefit customers?
– Customers receive faster service as food and drinks are delivered promptly, and tables are cleared quickly.

3. Does the back server system affect the quality of service?
– No, in fact, it enhances the quality of service as it allows front servers to focus on building relationships with customers.

4. Are back servers responsible for taking orders?
– No, that responsibility lies with the front server who interacts directly with the customers.

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5. Do customers need to interact with both front and back servers?
– Typically, customers primarily interact with the front server, but the back server may assist when necessary.

6. Are back servers trained differently than front servers?
– Yes, back servers receive specialized training in delivering food and providing support to the front server.

7. Can customers request assistance from a back server directly?
– Yes, customers can ask for assistance from any available staff member, including the back server.

In conclusion, a back server restaurant is a unique dining concept that divides the traditional waiter/waitress role into front and back servers. This system improves efficiency, enhances customer service, and ensures a smooth dining experience.