Embedded Technology Guide Tech What Do You Do as a Server to Increase Your Check Average?

What Do You Do as a Server to Increase Your Check Average?


As a server, increasing your check average is not only beneficial for your employer but also for yourself in terms of higher tips and potential promotions. By implementing a few strategies and providing exceptional service, you can successfully boost your check average and enhance your overall earnings. Here are some effective techniques to consider:

1. Suggestive selling: Actively recommend appetizers, signature dishes, or desserts to customers, enticing them to try additional menu items.

2. Upselling beverages: Encourage patrons to upgrade their drinks to premium options or suggest pairing their meals with specific beverages.

3. Offer add-ons: Propose extra toppings, sides, or sauces that complement the main dish and provide an overall better dining experience.

4. Promote specials: Familiarize yourself with daily specials and enthusiastically recommend them to customers, emphasizing their unique features or limited availability.

5. Encourage sharing: Suggest larger portions or combo meals that can be shared among a group, thus increasing the overall bill.

6. Highlight seasonal items: Inform customers about seasonal dishes or limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency and entice them to try something new.

7. Provide excellent service: Offer a personalized experience, engage in conversation, and attentively address any customer needs. This creates a positive impression that may lead to increased spending.


1. Is it appropriate to suggest high-priced items?
While it is important to suggest higher-priced items, it is equally crucial to consider your customers’ preferences and budget. Tailor your suggestions accordingly.

2. Should I upsell throughout the entire meal?
Avoid being pushy or interrupting conversations. Instead, find appropriate moments to suggest additional items, such as when taking orders or delivering beverages.

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3. How do I handle rejections?
Respectfully accept customers’ decisions and avoid making them feel pressured. Remember, a positive dining experience is vital for customer satisfaction.

4. Can suggestive selling be done subtly?
Yes, suggestive selling can be done subtly by incorporating menu recommendations into your conversation naturally.

5. What if the menu doesn’t have many upsell options?
Focus on promoting the available options and highlighting their unique qualities. Offer suggestions that enhance the customer’s dining experience.

6. How can I remember all the specials and menu details?
Familiarize yourself with the menu and daily specials, regularly reviewing and updating your knowledge. Utilize mnemonics or note-taking techniques if necessary.

7. How can I improve my overall service skills?
Continuous learning, observing experienced servers, and seeking feedback from customers and colleagues are effective ways to enhance your service skills and increase your check average.