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What DNS Server Should I Use for PS4


What DNS Server Should I Use for PS4?

When it comes to gaming, having a stable and fast internet connection is crucial, and one way to optimize your gaming experience on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is by using the right DNS server. The DNS server you use can significantly affect your online gaming performance, as it is responsible for translating website addresses into IP addresses.

Here are some DNS servers that you can consider using for your PS4:

1. Google Public DNS: Google’s DNS server is known for its reliability and speed. To use it, set your primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to

2. OpenDNS: OpenDNS offers both free and premium DNS services. It provides robust security features and allows you to block certain websites. To use OpenDNS, set your primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to

3. Cloudflare DNS: Cloudflare is a popular DNS provider known for its fast and privacy-focused service. To use Cloudflare DNS, set your primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to

4. Comodo Secure DNS: Comodo offers a free DNS service that focuses on security. To use Comodo Secure DNS, set your primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to

5. Quad9: Quad9 is a DNS service that emphasizes privacy and security by blocking malicious websites. To use Quad9, set your primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to


1. Can changing DNS servers improve gaming performance?
Yes, using a faster and more reliable DNS server can reduce latency and improve your gaming experience.

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2. How do I change DNS settings on my PS4?
Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Wi-Fi or LAN > Custom > IP Address Settings > Automatic > DHCP Host Name > Do Not Specify > DNS Settings > Manual.

3. Can I use any DNS server for my PS4?
Yes, as long as the DNS server supports the required settings, you can use any DNS server for your PS4.

4. Will using a DNS server affect my internet speed?
Using a faster DNS server can potentially improve your internet speed, but the difference may not be significant.

5. Can I use multiple DNS servers on my PS4?
Yes, you can set up primary and secondary DNS servers on your PS4 to ensure redundancy and reliability.

6. Can using a DNS server bypass regional restrictions in games?
No, using a DNS server cannot bypass regional restrictions in games. You would need a VPN for that purpose.

7. Do I need to restart my PS4 after changing DNS settings?
No, you don’t need to restart your PS4 after changing DNS settings. The changes should take effect immediately.

In conclusion, using the right DNS server for your PS4 can enhance your gaming experience by reducing latency and improving internet speed. Experiment with different DNS servers to find the one that suits your needs best.