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What Apps Accept Afterpay


What Apps Accept Afterpay?

Afterpay has become a popular payment option for online shoppers, allowing them to buy now and pay later in installments. While Afterpay is commonly used in e-commerce websites, there are also several mobile apps that accept this payment method. Here are some popular apps that accept Afterpay:

1. Amazon: The world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon, now allows customers to use Afterpay for their purchases. This means you can buy a wide range of products and pay for them in four equal installments.

2. eBay: Another e-commerce giant, eBay, also accepts Afterpay. You can shop for various items from different sellers and pay for them later using Afterpay.

3. Sephora: The popular beauty retailer, Sephora, offers Afterpay as a payment option. You can buy makeup, skincare, and other beauty products and pay for them over time.

4. Nike: If you’re a fan of athletic wear and sneakers, you’ll be pleased to know that Nike accepts Afterpay. You can shop for the latest sportswear and pay in four installments.

5. Target: The retail giant Target has also partnered with Afterpay, allowing customers to shop for clothing, home goods, electronics, and more, and split the payment into four installments.

6. Ulta Beauty: Ulta Beauty is a well-known beauty retailer that accepts Afterpay. You can purchase cosmetics, skincare products, and hair care items and pay for them later.

7. Walmart: Walmart recently introduced Afterpay as a payment method, giving customers the option to finance their purchases in four installments.


1. How do I use Afterpay on mobile apps?
To use Afterpay on mobile apps, simply select Afterpay as your payment method at checkout. You will be redirected to the Afterpay app to complete your purchase.

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2. Are there any fees or interest when using Afterpay?
Afterpay charges no interest or fees if payments are made on time. However, late fees may apply if you miss a payment.

3. Can I use Afterpay on all purchases?
Afterpay can be used on most purchases, except for gift cards, certain electronics, and some restricted items.

4. Can I return items purchased with Afterpay?
Yes, you can return items purchased with Afterpay. The refund will be processed through Afterpay, and your installment plan will be adjusted accordingly.

5. How do I manage my Afterpay account?
You can manage your Afterpay account through the Afterpay app. There, you can view your purchases, make payments, and update your account information.

6. Can I use Afterpay in-store?
Yes, Afterpay is now available in some brick-and-mortar stores. Simply select Afterpay as your payment method and follow the instructions.

7. Is Afterpay available internationally?
Afterpay is available in several countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, availability may vary depending on the app or retailer.

In conclusion, Afterpay is widely accepted in various mobile apps, making it convenient for shoppers to buy now and pay later. With the option to split payments into manageable installments, Afterpay offers flexibility and accessibility to a wide range of products.