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What App Solves Math Word Problems


What App Solves Math Word Problems?

Mathematics can be a challenging subject for many students, especially when it comes to word problems. Understanding the problem, deciphering the relevant information, and applying the correct mathematical operations can often leave students feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. However, thanks to advancements in technology, there are now several apps available that can help solve math word problems. In this article, we will explore some of these apps and how they can assist students in tackling math word problems with ease.

1. Photomath
Photomath is a widely popular app that uses your smartphone’s camera to scan and solve math problems. By simply capturing an image of the math problem, Photomath instantly provides step-by-step solutions, explanations, and graphs if necessary. This app supports a wide range of math topics, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Additionally, Photomath includes a built-in calculator that allows users to solve equations and inequalities. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive explanations make it a great tool for students of all levels.

2. Mathway
Mathway is another excellent app that solves math word problems. It covers various math topics such as algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and more. Users can either type in the problem or use the app’s camera feature to take a photo and receive instant step-by-step solutions. Mathway also offers a graphing calculator feature that helps visualize functions and equations. With its vast range of topics and detailed solutions, Mathway is a reliable tool for students seeking assistance with math word problems.

3. Microsoft Math Solver
Microsoft Math Solver is a powerful app that helps students solve a wide range of math problems, including word problems. It allows users to scan or type in problems and offers step-by-step explanations and solutions. The app covers topics like arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more. One unique feature of Microsoft Math Solver is its ability to provide real-time explanations through an interactive whiteboard. This allows users to understand the problem-solving process in a more dynamic and engaging way.

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4. Cymath
Cymath is a highly practical app that specializes in solving math word problems. It provides step-by-step explanations for a variety of math topics, including algebra, calculus, and trigonometry. Users can type in or take a photo of the problem and receive instant solutions. Cymath also offers a “Practice” feature where users can solve additional problems to reinforce their understanding. With its focus on word problems and detailed explanations, Cymath can be a valuable tool for students struggling with this specific area of mathematics.


Q: Are these apps only suitable for specific math levels?
A: No, these apps cater to a wide range of math levels, from elementary to advanced. They cover various topics and can be useful for students at different stages of their mathematical journey.

Q: Can these apps solve any math word problem?
A: While these apps are proficient in solving most math word problems, they might encounter difficulties with exceptionally complex or unique problems. However, they can still provide guidance and step-by-step explanations to help users tackle such problems.

Q: Do these apps replace the need for learning math concepts?
A: No, these apps are designed to supplement learning and provide assistance when solving math word problems. It is essential for students to understand the underlying concepts and principles of mathematics to apply them effectively.

Q: Can these apps be used by teachers to create math assignments?
A: Absolutely! Teachers can utilize these apps to create math assignments or as a tool for checking solutions. However, it is crucial to ensure that students understand the concepts behind the solutions and are not solely reliant on the apps.

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In conclusion, the availability of apps that solve math word problems has revolutionized the way students approach this challenging aspect of mathematics. These apps provide step-by-step solutions, explanations, and even interactive features that enhance the learning experience. While they are powerful tools, it is crucial to remember that understanding math concepts and principles remains essential for long-term success in mathematics.