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How to Tell Who Owns a Discord Server


How to Tell Who Owns a Discord Server

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to create and manage their own servers. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to determine who owns a particular server. Whether you are a member of a server and want to know who is in charge, or you are considering joining a new server and want to verify its ownership, there are a few methods you can use to find out who owns a Discord server.

1. Check the server settings: If you are a member of the server, you can access the server settings by clicking on the server name and selecting “Server Settings.” In the “Overview” tab, you will find the server owner’s name and profile picture.

2. Ask the server members: If you are unsure about the server ownership, politely ask other members if they know who the owner is. They might have the information you are looking for.

3. Look for server announcements: Many servers have announcement channels where the owner or admins post important updates. Check those channels to see if the owner has introduced themselves or made any announcements.

4. Contact Discord support: If the above methods do not yield any results, you can reach out to Discord support for assistance. They might be able to provide you with the necessary information.


1. Can I find out who owns a Discord server if I am not a member?
No, you need to be a member of the server to access the server settings and find out the owner’s details.

2. Can the server owner hide their identity?
No, the server owner cannot hide their identity. Their name and profile picture will be displayed in the server settings.

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3. Can multiple people own a Discord server?
No, only one person can be the owner of a Discord server. However, they can assign different roles and permissions to other members for management purposes.

4. Can the server ownership be transferred?
Yes, the server owner has the ability to transfer ownership to another member. This can be done in the server settings under the “Members” tab.

5. Can I find out who previously owned a Discord server?
No, Discord does not provide information about previous owners of a server.

6. Can I report a server owner for misconduct?
Yes, if you believe the server owner is engaged in inappropriate behavior, you can report them to Discord support.

7. Are server owners anonymous to Discord?
No, Discord has access to the details of server owners for moderation and support purposes.