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How to Tell When a Discord Server Was Made


How to Tell When a Discord Server Was Made

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms for gamers, communities, and professionals alike. However, have you ever wondered when a particular Discord server was created? While there is no direct feature that displays the creation date of a server, there are a few ways to estimate its age. Here are some methods that can help you determine when a Discord server was made:

1. Server ID: Every Discord server has a unique identification number. The first few digits of this ID represent the creation date of the server. By converting these numbers into a timestamp, you can get an approximate idea of when the server was created.

2. Role creation date: If you have the necessary permissions, check the creation date of the earliest created role on the server. Since roles are typically created soon after the server’s establishment, this can give you a rough estimate of its age.

3. Oldest message: Scroll up in the server’s chat and look for the very first message. This can provide insights into when the server was created, especially if it includes a welcome message or a message from the server creator.

4. Creation date of the owner’s Discord account: If you are friends with the server owner, you can check the creation date of their Discord account. While this won’t give you the exact server creation date, it can help you narrow down the timeframe.

5. Bot integration: Some Discord bots display server creation dates as part of their information. Invite a bot that has this feature and use its commands to retrieve the server creation details.

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6. Server member count: If the server has a large number of members, it is likely to be older. However, this method can only give you a general idea and is not always accurate.

7. Ask the server owner: If all else fails, simply ask the server owner about the creation date. They should have the most accurate information regarding the server’s age.


1. Can I find the exact creation date of a Discord server?
– No, Discord does not have a direct feature to display the creation date of a server. However, the methods mentioned above can help you estimate it.

2. Does the server ID always represent the creation date?
– Yes, the first few digits of a server’s ID generally indicate its creation date. However, the accuracy may vary depending on the server’s ID.

3. Can I determine the server creation date if I’m not the server owner?
– Yes, some methods mentioned above, like checking the oldest message or the creation date of the owner’s account, can be used regardless of your role on the server.

4. Why is knowing the server creation date important?
– It can be useful for various reasons, such as understanding the server’s history, identifying its longevity, or verifying the authenticity of the server.

5. Are the methods mentioned above always accurate?
– No, these methods provide estimations and may not always reflect the exact server creation date.

6. Can I find the server creation date on mobile?
– Yes, the methods mentioned above can be applied on both desktop and mobile versions of Discord.

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7. Is there any official Discord API to retrieve server creation dates?
– No, the Discord API does not provide direct access to server creation dates. The methods mentioned above are workarounds to estimate the creation date.