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How to Sell Items on Webkinz App


How to Sell Items on Webkinz App

Webkinz is a popular virtual world where players can adopt and care for their own virtual pets. One of the exciting features of the Webkinz app is the ability to buy and sell items with other players. Whether you are looking to make some extra KinzCash or simply want to declutter your virtual space, selling items on the Webkinz app can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selling items on the Webkinz app and answer some frequently asked questions.

1. Set up a Shop:
The first step to selling items on the Webkinz app is to set up your own shop. To do this, click on the “Map” icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, then select “Things to Do” and click on “My Shop”. Here, you can choose a name for your shop and set up a display of items you want to sell.

2. Select Items to Sell:
Now that your shop is set up, it’s time to select the items you want to sell. Click on the “My Items” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to access your inventory. Browse through your items and select the ones you wish to sell by clicking on them. Once selected, click on the “Sell” button and choose the price at which you want to sell each item.

3. Stock Your Shop:
After selecting the items and setting their prices, you need to stock your shop. To do this, drag and drop the items from your inventory into the display area of your shop. Arrange them in an appealing way to attract potential buyers. You can also add a description to each item to provide more information to potential buyers.

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4. Wait for Buyers:
Once your shop is ready, you just have to wait for buyers to come and purchase your items. Other players can visit your shop by clicking on the map and selecting “Shops”. If someone is interested in an item you have for sale, they can click on it to view its details and make a purchase.

5. Collect KinzCash:
When someone buys an item from your shop, you will receive KinzCash. KinzCash is the virtual currency in Webkinz, which you can use to buy more items or decorate your virtual space. The amount of KinzCash you receive will depend on the price you set for the item.


Q: Can I sell any item on the Webkinz app?
A: No, not all items can be sold. Only items that are tradeable and not marked as “W Shop Only” can be sold in your shop.

Q: How do I know if someone has purchased an item from my shop?
A: You will receive a notification when someone buys an item from your shop. Additionally, you can check your sales history by clicking on the “My Shop” icon and selecting “View My Sales”.

Q: Can I change the prices of items in my shop?
A: Yes, you can change the prices of items in your shop at any time. Simply click on the item you want to change, select “Change Price”, and set a new price.

Q: Can I buy items from other players’ shops?
A: Yes, you can browse and purchase items from other players’ shops by visiting their shops through the map.

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Q: Is there a limit to the number of items I can sell?
A: Yes, there is a limit to the number of items you can sell in your shop. The limit depends on your account type, but free accounts have a maximum limit of 50 items.

Selling items on the Webkinz app is a great way to make KinzCash and interact with other players. By following these steps and setting up your shop, you can embark on a successful virtual business venture. So, gather your items and start selling in the virtual world of Webkinz!