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How to Recreate Database on Snorby


How to Recreate Database on Snorby

Snorby is an open-source web-based application used for network security monitoring and analysis. It provides a user-friendly interface to manage and analyze network traffic and events. However, there may be instances where you need to recreate the database on Snorby, either due to corruption or other issues. In this article, we will discuss the steps to recreate the database on Snorby and address some frequently asked questions.

Steps to Recreate Database on Snorby:

1. Backup existing database: Before recreating the database, it is essential to take a backup of the existing database to avoid any data loss.

2. Stop Snorby service: Stop the Snorby service to ensure that no changes are being made to the database during the recreation process.

3. Drop existing database: Use the appropriate command to drop the existing database. This will remove all the tables and data associated with the database.

4. Create a new database: Create a new database with the same name as the dropped database. Use the appropriate command to create the database.

5. Import backup data: Import the backup data into the newly created database. This will restore all the data from the previous database.

6. Restart Snorby service: Start the Snorby service again to ensure that the database changes are reflected in the application.

7. Verify database recreation: Verify that the database has been recreated successfully by accessing Snorby and checking if all the data and configurations are intact.


1. Will recreating the database delete all my data?
No, if you follow the steps correctly and import the backup data, your data will be preserved.

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2. Do I need to reinstall Snorby after recreating the database?
No, reinstalling Snorby is not required. The recreation process only involves the database.

3. Can I recreate the database without taking a backup?
It is highly recommended to take a backup before recreating the database to avoid any potential data loss.

4. Is it possible to recreate the database without stopping the Snorby service?
No, it is essential to stop the Snorby service to prevent any changes being made to the database during the recreation process.

5. What if I encounter any errors during the recreation process?
If you encounter any errors, review the steps and ensure that you are following them correctly. If the issue persists, seek assistance from the Snorby community or support.

6. Will recreating the database affect my network monitoring settings?
No, recreating the database will not affect your network monitoring settings. It only involves the database structure and data.

7. Can I recreate the database on Snorby using a different name?
Yes, you can recreate the database with a different name. However, ensure that you update the Snorby configuration files to reflect the new database name.

In conclusion, recreating the database on Snorby is a straightforward process that involves taking a backup, dropping the existing database, creating a new database, importing the backup data, and restarting the Snorby service. By following these steps, you can recreate the database without losing any data.