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How to Ping League of Legends Server


How to Ping League of Legends Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

League of Legends is an incredibly popular online multiplayer game with millions of players worldwide. However, lag and high ping can hinder your gaming experience. If you are experiencing connectivity issues or want to check your ping to the League of Legends server, here is a step-by-step guide on how to ping the server effectively.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt
On your computer, open the Command Prompt by searching for it in the Start menu or using the “Windows + R” shortcut and typing “cmd.”

Step 2: Type the Ping Command
In the Command Prompt, type “ping riot.de” and hit Enter. This command will ping the League of Legends server located in Frankfurt, Germany, which is the central server for European players. You can replace “riot.de” with the appropriate server address for your region.

Step 3: Analyze the Results
After hitting Enter, you will see a series of numbers and statistics. Look for the “time” column, which displays the ping time in milliseconds (ms). The lower the number, the better your connection. A ping below 50ms is considered excellent, while anything above 100ms may result in lag.


1. Why is my ping high in League of Legends?
High ping can be caused by various factors such as distance from the server, network congestion, or a slow internet connection.

2. How can I reduce my ping?
To reduce your ping, try using a wired connection, close bandwidth-consuming applications, or upgrade your internet plan.

3. Can I change my server to improve ping?
Yes, you can change your server in the League of Legends client settings. Select a server closer to your location for a better connection.

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4. What is a good ping for League of Legends?
A ping below 50ms is considered excellent, providing a smooth gaming experience. However, anything below 100ms is generally acceptable.

5. Is a high ping always my internet’s fault?
Not necessarily. High ping can also be caused by server issues or network congestion on the game’s end.

6. Are there any third-party programs to check ping?
Yes, there are various third-party applications available that can check your ping to League of Legends servers. However, be cautious while downloading from unofficial sources.

7. Can a VPN improve my ping?
In some cases, a VPN can improve your ping by providing an alternative route to the game server. However, results may vary depending on the VPN provider and server location.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can easily check your ping to the League of Legends server and troubleshoot any connectivity issues. Remember, a stable and low ping is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience.