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How to Open PST Files on Mac


How to Open PST Files on Mac

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client that stores its data in a file format called PST (Personal Storage Table). While Outlook is primarily used on Windows systems, many Mac users also find themselves needing to access PST files. Opening PST files on a Mac can be a bit of a challenge, as the native Mac Mail app does not support this format. However, there are several workarounds and third-party solutions available that allow Mac users to open and view PST files. In this article, we will explore the various methods and tools you can use to access PST files on your Mac.

Method 1: Use Microsoft Outlook for Mac
The simplest and most straightforward way to open PST files on a Mac is to use Microsoft Outlook for Mac. The Mac version of Outlook supports importing PST files directly, allowing you to access your emails, contacts, and other data within the file. To open a PST file using Microsoft Outlook for Mac, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Microsoft Outlook for Mac if you haven’t already.
2. Launch Outlook and go to the “File” menu.
3. Select “Import” and then choose “Outlook Data File.”
4. Navigate to the location where your PST file is stored and select it.
5. Click “Import” to begin the importing process.
6. Once the import is complete, you can access the imported data in Outlook for Mac.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party App
If you prefer not to use Microsoft Outlook for Mac or do not have access to it, there are third-party apps available that can help you open and view PST files on your Mac. These apps are specifically designed to handle PST files and provide a user-friendly interface for accessing their contents. Some popular third-party apps for opening PST files on Mac include:

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– Stellar Converter for PST: This powerful tool allows you to convert PST files into a format compatible with Mac Mail, Apple Mail, and other email clients. It also provides options for selective conversion, allowing you to choose specific folders or items to convert.

– SysTools Mac PST Converter: Another reliable tool that enables you to convert PST files to MBOX, EML, or other formats supported by Mac Mail. It supports batch conversion and preserves the original folder structure during the conversion process.

Method 3: Use an Online Conversion Service
If you only need to access the contents of a PST file temporarily and do not want to install any additional software on your Mac, there are online conversion services available. These services allow you to upload your PST file to their servers, convert it to a more Mac-friendly format, and then download the converted file to your computer. Some popular online conversion services include:

– Zamzar: A versatile online file conversion service that supports converting PST files to various formats, including MBOX and EML.
– CloudConvert: Another online tool that offers PST file conversion to formats compatible with Mac Mail and other email clients.


Q1: Are there any free methods to open PST files on a Mac?
A1: While Microsoft Outlook for Mac offers a free way to open PST files, it is not the only option. Some online conversion services provide free conversions for smaller PST files, but it’s worth noting that larger files or advanced features may require a paid subscription.

Q2: Can I open password-protected PST files on a Mac?
A2: Yes, both Microsoft Outlook for Mac and some third-party apps mentioned earlier support opening password-protected PST files. However, you will need to enter the correct password to access the contents of the file.

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Q3: Can I convert PST files to a format compatible with Mac Mail using free tools?
A3: While there are free online conversion services available, they may have limitations on file size or the number of conversions allowed. If you have large or multiple PST files, it may be worth considering paid tools or apps for more efficient and reliable conversion.

In conclusion, opening PST files on a Mac may initially seem challenging, but with the right tools and methods, it is entirely possible. Whether you choose to use Microsoft Outlook for Mac, third-party apps, or online conversion services, you can access and view the contents of your PST files seamlessly on your Mac.