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How to Move Plex Server


How to Move Plex Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have been using Plex to stream your media collection, you may find the need to move your Plex server to a new device or location. Whether you are upgrading your hardware or simply relocating, transferring your Plex server is a relatively straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

1. Backup your Plex server: Before making any changes, it is crucial to back up your Plex server to ensure none of your media files or settings are lost.

2. Install Plex on the new device: Whether you are moving to a new computer, NAS, or even a virtual machine, download and install Plex on the new device.

3. Sign in to Plex: Launch the Plex server on the new device and sign in using your Plex account credentials.

4. Restore your library: In the Plex settings, locate the “Restore” option and select the backup file you created earlier. This will import all your media files and settings to the new server.

5. Update your media locations: If you have changed the location of your media files during the move, update the file paths in the Plex settings to ensure the server can locate them.

6. Enable remote access: If you want to access your Plex server from outside your home network, make sure to enable remote access in the Plex settings.

7. Test your new Plex server: Verify that your media files are accessible and streaming correctly on the new Plex server by accessing it from various devices.

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FAQs about Moving Plex Server:

1. Will moving my Plex server affect my media collection?
No, moving the Plex server will not affect your media collection as long as you back up your server and restore it correctly on the new device.

2. Can I move my Plex server to a different operating system?
Yes, you can move your Plex server to a different operating system, as long as Plex is supported on that platform.

3. Can I access my Plex server remotely after moving it?
Yes, you can access your Plex server remotely by enabling remote access in the server settings.

4. Do I need to reinstall Plex Pass after moving my server?
No, your Plex Pass subscription is tied to your Plex account, so you don’t need to reinstall it after moving your server.

5. Can I move my Plex server to a NAS?
Yes, you can move your Plex server to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, as long as it meets the minimum requirements for running Plex.

6. Does moving my Plex server require a fast internet connection?
Moving your Plex server itself does not require a fast internet connection. However, streaming media from your server to remote devices may be slower with a slower connection.

7. Can I move my Plex server without losing my watch history and metadata?
Yes, as long as you back up your server and restore it correctly, your watch history and metadata will be preserved during the move.

Moving your Plex server may seem daunting, but with this step-by-step guide and answers to common questions, the process should be smooth and hassle-free. Enjoy your media collection on your newly relocated Plex server!

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