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How to Migrate Plex to a New Server


How to Migrate Plex to a New Server

Plex is a popular media server platform that allows you to organize and stream your media files across various devices. If you’re planning to upgrade your server hardware or simply moving to a new server, it’s essential to migrate your existing Plex server properly to ensure a seamless transition. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to migrate Plex to a new server:

1. Back up your Plex server: Before starting the migration process, it’s crucial to create a backup of your Plex server settings and libraries. This can be done through the Plex web interface by navigating to Settings > Server > General > Backup Metadata.

2. Install Plex on the new server: Install the Plex Media Server software on your new server following the official installation guide provided by Plex. Ensure that the new server meets the recommended system requirements.

3. Restore your Plex backup: After installing Plex on the new server, you can restore your backup by navigating to Settings > Server > General > Restore Metadata.

4. Point your media directories: If your media files are stored on external drives or network-attached storage (NAS), ensure that the new server has access to these directories. Update the media directories in the Plex settings by going to Settings > Server > Libraries > Edit.

5. Verify library settings: Double-check that all the library settings, such as metadata agents and library types, are correctly configured. Make any necessary adjustments to match your preferences.

6. Set up remote access: If you had remote access enabled on your previous server, ensure that it’s properly configured on the new server. Navigate to Settings > Remote Access and follow the instructions provided by Plex.

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7. Test the new server: Once the migration is complete, test the new server by accessing your Plex library from various devices. Verify that all media files are visible and playable.


1. Will my Plex Pass transfer to the new server?
Yes, your Plex Pass subscription is tied to your Plex account, which means it will carry over to the new server.

2. Can I migrate my Plex server to a different operating system?
Yes, you can migrate Plex to a different operating system. However, make sure to follow the specific instructions provided by Plex for that particular OS.

3. Do I need to re-index my media after migration?
In most cases, you shouldn’t need to re-index your media. Plex should recognize your existing libraries and metadata after the migration.

4. Can I migrate individual libraries instead of the entire server?
Yes, you can choose to migrate specific libraries by backing them up individually and restoring them on the new server.

5. Will my watched/unwatched status be preserved after migration?
Yes, your watched/unwatched status should be preserved during the migration process.

6. Can I migrate multiple Plex servers to a single new server?
Yes, you can migrate multiple Plex servers to a single new server by following the same steps for each server.

7. What happens to my shared users and their access after migration?
Shared users and their access will be retained after migration. However, it’s recommended to inform them about the server change to ensure a smooth transition.

Migrating Plex to a new server can seem daunting, but by following these steps and considering the FAQs, you can seamlessly transition to your new server without losing any of your media files or settings.

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