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How to Make a Pavlov Shack Server


How to Make a Pavlov Shack Server

Pavlov Shack is a popular virtual reality first-person shooter game that allows players to engage in intense multiplayer battles. While the game features an official server, many players prefer to create their own private servers to have more control over the gaming experience. If you’re interested in setting up your own Pavlov Shack server, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

1. Prepare your hardware: You’ll need a powerful computer with at least an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a solid-state drive for optimal performance.

2. Install Pavlov Shack Server: Visit the official Pavlov Shack website and download the server files. Extract the files to a dedicated folder on your computer.

3. Port forward: Access your router’s settings and configure port forwarding for UDP port 7777. This allows players to connect to your server.

4. Adjust server settings: Open the server configuration file (ServerConfig.txt) and modify the settings according to your preferences, such as game mode, map rotation, and player limit.

5. Launch the server: Start the server by running the PavlovServer.exe file. Make sure to keep the server running while you and your friends play.

6. Invite friends: Share your server’s IP address with your friends so they can join your private Pavlov Shack server.

7. Manage the server: You can kick or ban players, change settings, and monitor the server through the in-game console or by using remote administration tools.


Q1. Can I run a Pavlov Shack server on a dedicated server hosting service?
A1. Yes, many hosting services support Pavlov Shack server hosting. You can rent a server and easily set it up using the provided instructions.

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Q2. Can I customize the game modes and maps on my server?
A2. Yes, you have full control over the game modes, maps, and other settings on your server.

Q3. How many players can join my Pavlov Shack server?
A3. The default player limit is 10, but you can adjust it in the server configuration file.

Q4. Can I password-protect my server?
A4. Yes, you can set a password in the server configuration file to restrict access to your server.

Q5. Can I install mods on my Pavlov Shack server?
A5. Yes, you can install mods to enhance your server’s gameplay. Instructions for installing mods can be found on the Pavlov Shack website.

Q6. How do I update my server to the latest version of Pavlov Shack?
A6. Simply download the latest server files from the official website and replace the old files with the new ones in your server folder.

Q7. Can I run multiple Pavlov Shack servers on the same machine?
A7. Yes, you can run multiple servers by creating separate server folders and adjusting the port forwarding settings for each server.

Setting up your own Pavlov Shack server allows you to create a tailored gaming experience for you and your friends. Follow these steps and enjoy endless hours of immersive multiplayer battles.