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How to Host an Arma 3 Server With Hamachi


How to Host an Arma 3 Server With Hamachi

Arma 3 is a popular military simulation game that allows players to engage in realistic combat scenarios. While the game offers a multiplayer mode, some players may prefer to host their own server to have more control over the gameplay and settings. In this article, we will guide you on how to host an Arma 3 server with Hamachi, a virtual private network (VPN) software that enables easy connection between players.

Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Download and install Hamachi on the computer that will act as the server.

Step 2: Create a network on Hamachi by clicking on the “Create a new network” button. Choose a unique network ID and password, and share these details with your friends who will join the server.

Step 3: Open Arma 3 and navigate to the multiplayer menu. Click on “Direct Connect” and enter the IP address displayed on your Hamachi network for the server.

Step 4: Configure the server settings according to your preferences, such as game mode, mission, and other parameters. These settings can be adjusted in the Arma 3 server configuration files.

Step 5: Start the server and invite your friends to connect using the Hamachi network details.


1. Can I host an Arma 3 server without Hamachi?
Yes, you can host an Arma 3 server without Hamachi by configuring port forwarding on your router and using your public IP address.

2. Can I use other VPN software instead of Hamachi?
Yes, there are alternative VPN software options available such as Tunngle or Evolve.

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3. How many players can join my Hamachi server?
The number of players that can join your Hamachi server depends on the capabilities of your computer and internet connection.

4. Can I customize the server settings after it’s started?
Yes, you can modify the server settings while it’s running by editing the Arma 3 server configuration files.

5. Can I use mods on my Hamachi server?
Yes, you can use mods on your Hamachi server by enabling them in the server configuration files and ensuring that all players have the same mods installed.

6. Does Hamachi support voice chat?
Yes, Hamachi has built-in voice chat functionality that allows players to communicate during gameplay.

7. Can I run other applications on my computer while hosting an Arma 3 server?
It is recommended to allocate sufficient system resources to the server, so running resource-intensive applications simultaneously may impact server performance.

Hosting an Arma 3 server with Hamachi provides an easy and convenient way to establish a multiplayer gaming experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can enjoy the game with your friends while having complete control over the server settings and gameplay.