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How to Get Paid Apps for Free Ios 10


How to Get Paid Apps for Free iOS 10

iOS 10 is packed with exciting features and functionalities that enhance the overall user experience. However, for some users, the cost of paid apps can be a deterrent. Fortunately, there are legitimate ways to get paid apps for free on iOS 10. Read on to discover some useful tips and tricks.

1. App Store Promotions: Keep an eye on the App Store for limited-time promotions, where paid apps are occasionally offered for free.

2. App of the Week: Each week, Apple selects an app to be featured as the “App of the Week.” This app is available for free during that week.

3. Free Trials: Some paid apps offer free trials for a limited time. Take advantage of these trials to try out the app before committing to a purchase.

4. App Review Websites: Numerous websites provide reviews and sometimes giveaways of paid apps. Check these sites regularly for opportunities to download paid apps for free.

5. Redeem Promo Codes: Developers often distribute promo codes to promote their apps. Keep an eye out for these codes on social media or app-related forums.

6. App Bundles: Occasionally, developers offer bundles of multiple paid apps at a discounted price. Look out for these bundles as they often provide significant savings.

7. Third-Party App Stores: Be cautious when using third-party app stores, as they can potentially present security risks. However, some reputable sources like TutuApp or AppValley offer a selection of paid apps for free.


1. Is it legal to download paid apps for free?
Downloading paid apps for free from legitimate sources like the App Store promotions or app trials is legal. However, using unofficial sources or cracked apps is illegal and violates the developers’ rights.

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2. Can I get all paid apps for free using these methods?
No, not all paid apps will be available for free using these methods. It depends on the developers and their promotional strategies.

3. Are third-party app stores safe to use?
While some third-party app stores can be safe, it is recommended to exercise caution and only download from reputable sources.

4. Can I share my downloaded paid apps with others?
No, sharing paid apps with others is against the terms of service and violates the developers’ rights.

5. Will I receive updates for the apps downloaded for free?
Yes, if you acquire the app legally, you will receive updates just like any other app downloaded from the App Store.

6. Can I get refunded for a paid app I purchased if it becomes available for free later?
Unfortunately, Apple does not offer refunds for apps that have already been purchased.

7. Are there any risks associated with downloading paid apps for free?
Downloading from unofficial sources or using cracked apps can expose your device to security risks and malware. Stick to legitimate methods to ensure the safety of your device and personal information.

By following these tips and being mindful of the risks, you can enjoy a variety of paid apps for free on iOS 10. Remember to support developers by purchasing apps you find valuable and enjoy the benefits of a thriving app ecosystem.