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How to Find What Server a Player Is on in Minecraft


In the vast and immersive world of Minecraft, players can explore and create to their heart’s content. However, sometimes you may find yourself wondering which server a particular player is on. Whether you’re looking to join your friends or want to connect with someone you met online, here are a few ways to find out what server a player is on in Minecraft.

1. Check their profile: Start by checking the player’s Minecraft profile. If they have provided any server information, you’ll find it listed there. This is the easiest and most straightforward method to determine the server they’re playing on.

2. Ask them directly: If you have the player’s contact or can chat with them in the game, simply ask which server they are on. Many players are happy to share the server details with their friends or new acquaintances.

3. Utilize online forums and communities: Minecraft has a vibrant and active community. Participate in forums or communities dedicated to the game, and ask if anyone knows the server the player is on. You might find someone who can help you locate the server.

4. Search through Minecraft server lists: There are numerous websites that provide lists of Minecraft servers. Use the player’s username or any other information you have to search through these lists and see if their server appears.

5. Use Minecraft server tracker websites: There are specific websites that track Minecraft servers and player activity. These websites often provide search options where you can enter the player’s username and find the server they are currently playing on.

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6. Follow their social media accounts: Many Minecraft players, especially popular ones, have social media accounts where they share their gaming experiences. By following them, you might come across server information they mention.

7. Join Minecraft Discord servers: Discord is a popular chat platform for gamers. Many Minecraft servers have their dedicated Discord servers where players communicate and share information. By joining these servers, you might find the player you’re looking for.


1. Is it possible to find out what server a player is on without their permission?
No, you generally need the player’s cooperation or access to their profile information to determine the server they are on.

2. Are there any apps available to find out what server a player is on in Minecraft?
Yes, some apps and online tools claim to help locate Minecraft servers, but their accuracy and reliability may vary.

3. Can I join a player’s server without their invitation?
It is considered good etiquette to ask for permission before joining someone’s server. Respect their privacy and gaming experience.

4. Can I find out the server IP address from the player’s username?
No, the server IP address is not directly linked to a player’s username. You need to use alternative methods to determine the server.

5. How can I find out what server my friend is playing on if they aren’t online?
Unfortunately, if your friend isn’t online or hasn’t shared their server information, it can be challenging to find out which server they are playing on.

6. Can I find out what server a player is on if they are playing on a private or whitelisted server?
Private or whitelisted servers restrict access to only selected players. Unless you have been granted permission, it is difficult to find out what server they are on.

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7. Is it possible to switch servers without losing progress in Minecraft?
Yes, you can switch servers without losing progress as long as you have a backup of your world or the server supports transferring data between servers.

In conclusion, finding out what server a player is on in Minecraft requires a bit of effort and sometimes the cooperation of the player in question. By utilizing various methods like checking profiles, asking directly, joining communities, and using online tools, you can increase your chances of tracking down the server and connecting with the player you’re looking for.