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How to Download Aura Kingdom Private Server


Are you a fan of Aura Kingdom and looking to play on a private server? Private servers offer players a unique and customized gaming experience. In this article, we will guide you on how to download and play on an Aura Kingdom private server. We will also address some frequently asked questions related to private servers.

Downloading an Aura Kingdom private server is a fairly simple process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Search for a reliable private server: Look for a reputable private server that offers a stable and enjoyable gaming experience. You can find various private server options by searching online forums and communities.

2. Visit the server’s website: Once you have chosen a private server, visit their official website. Look for a download or registration section.

3. Create an account: Register an account on the private server’s website. Provide the necessary details and follow the registration process. Some servers may require email verification.

4. Download the game client: After creating an account, look for a download link on the server’s website. Click on it to start the download process. Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game.

5. Install and launch the game: Once the download is complete, install the game client on your computer. Launch the game and log in using the account credentials you created earlier.

6. Start playing: Congratulations! You can now start playing Aura Kingdom on the private server. Explore the customized features and enjoy a unique gaming experience.


1. Are private servers legal?
Private servers operate in a gray area, as they are unauthorized by the official game developers. However, playing on private servers is generally considered safe.

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2. Can I use my official game account on a private server?
No, you cannot use your official game account on a private server. You need to create a separate account for the private server.

3. Can I play with my friends on a private server?
Yes, you can invite your friends to join the same private server and play together.

4. Are private servers free to play?
Most private servers are free to play, but some may offer optional in-game purchases for enhanced gameplay.

5. Is my progress on a private server saved?
Yes, your progress on a private server is saved. However, it is separate from your progress on the official game servers.

6. Can I get banned for playing on a private server?
While rare, it is possible to get banned from the official game for playing on private servers. It is advised to play on reliable and trusted private servers to avoid such risks.

7. Can I switch between private servers?
Yes, you can switch between different private servers by following the registration and download process for each server.

Playing on an Aura Kingdom private server can offer a fresh and customized gaming experience. Follow the steps mentioned above to download and start playing on a private server of your choice. Remember to always prioritize your safety and choose reputable private servers to ensure an enjoyable gameplay experience.