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How to Create a Print Server


How to Create a Print Server: Simplifying Network Printing

In today’s digital age, sharing printers across a network has become a necessity for many businesses and organizations. By creating a print server, you can streamline the printing process, allowing multiple users to access a single printer effortlessly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a print server and address some frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Choose a Dedicated Server
Select a computer or a network-attached storage (NAS) device that will act as the print server. Ensure it has ample storage and processing power to handle printing tasks efficiently.

Step 2: Install the Print Server Software
Choose a print server software that suits your needs, such as CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) for Linux or Windows Print Server for Windows operating systems. Install the software on the dedicated server.

Step 3: Connect the Printer
Connect the printer to the dedicated server either through a USB cable or network connection. Ensure the printer drivers are installed on the server.

Step 4: Configure the Print Server
Access the print server software and configure the printer settings. Assign a unique name to the print server and share the printer on the network.

Step 5: Connect Client Computers
On each client computer, add a network printer and select the shared printer from the print server. Install the necessary printer drivers if prompted.


1. Can I use any computer as a print server?
Ideally, it’s recommended to use a dedicated server or a NAS device to ensure reliable and uninterrupted printing.

2. Can I connect multiple printers to a print server?
Yes, you can connect multiple printers to a print server, allowing users to choose the desired printer during the printing process.

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3. Can I restrict access to the print server?
Yes, you can set up user permissions and restrict access to the print server, ensuring only authorized users can print.

4. Can I monitor print jobs on the print server?
Yes, most print server software allows you to monitor print jobs, view the printing queue, and manage print jobs effectively.

5. Can I use a wireless printer with a print server?
Yes, you can connect a wireless printer to a print server by following the manufacturer’s instructions for network setup.

6. Can I print from mobile devices through a print server?
Yes, you can enable mobile printing by using apps or features provided by the print server software or the printer manufacturer.

7. Can I share the print server over the internet?
Yes, it’s possible to share the print server over the internet, but it requires additional security measures to protect sensitive data.

Creating a print server is a valuable solution for businesses and organizations seeking to simplify network printing. By following these steps and addressing common concerns, you can enhance productivity and efficiency in managing printing tasks.