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How to Copy a Discord Server


How to Copy a Discord Server: A Comprehensive Guide

Discord has become an incredibly popular platform for gamers, communities, and businesses to connect and communicate. If you’re looking to replicate a Discord server or create a backup, this article will guide you through the process step by step. Additionally, we have included a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section at the end to address common concerns and provide further clarity.

1. Ensure you have the necessary permissions: To copy a Discord server, you must have the “Manage Server” permission in the original server, as well as the “Create Instant Invite” permission in the server you wish to copy to.

2. Create a new server: Begin by creating a new server, which will serve as the destination for your copied server.

3. Set up the new server: Customize the new server by adding channels, roles, and permissions to match the original server. This step ensures that the copied server retains its structure and functionality.

4. Enable “Developer Mode”: In your Discord settings, navigate to “Appearance” and toggle on “Developer Mode.” This will allow you to access the unique IDs of channels, roles, and users.

5. Copy channel settings: Right-click on each channel in the original server and select “Copy ID.” Paste the IDs into the corresponding channels in the new server to replicate their settings.

6. Copy role settings: Follow the same process as step 5, but instead, copy the role IDs and assign them to the respective roles in the new server.

7. Copy user settings: Right-click on each user in the original server and select “Copy ID.” Assign these IDs to the appropriate users in the new server to replicate their permissions.

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Q1. Will copying a Discord server copy all the messages and files too?
A1. No, copying a server only replicates the structure, roles, channels, and permissions. Messages and files will not be copied.

Q2. Can I copy a server I’m not the owner of?
A2. No, only the server owner or members with the “Manage Server” permission can copy a server.

Q3. Can I copy a server to multiple destinations?
A3. Yes, you can copy a server to multiple destinations by repeating the steps outlined above.

Q4. Can I copy a server across different Discord accounts?
A4. Yes, as long as you have the necessary permissions, you can copy a server to any Discord account you have access to.

Q5. Can I copy a server on mobile?
A5. Yes, the process remains the same on mobile devices, but the interface may differ slightly.

Q6. Will copying a server notify its members?
A6. No, members will not receive any notifications when a server is copied.

Q7. Can I copy a server without creating a new one?
A7. No, copying a server requires creating a new server to serve as the destination.

By following this guide, you can easily copy a Discord server and replicate its structure and settings. Remember to exercise caution and obtain necessary permissions before copying any server.