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How to Check How Old a Discord Server Is


How to Check How Old a Discord Server Is

Discord is a popular communication platform used by millions of gamers, communities, and businesses worldwide. If you’re a member of a Discord server and curious about its age or inception date, you might be wondering how to find that information. While Discord doesn’t provide a direct feature to check a server’s creation date, there are a few workarounds you can employ to determine its age.

1. Server Creation Badge: If you have administrative privileges on the server, you can look for the Server Creation Badge. This badge appears next to the server name in the server settings and displays the exact date and time when the server was created.

2. Member Joined Date: Another way to estimate a server’s age is by checking the Member Joined Date for the oldest member. This can be found by right-clicking the member’s name and selecting “Member Info.” However, keep in mind that this method might not be entirely accurate if the server has undergone a significant member purge or if the oldest member has left the server.

3. Server Log: If you have access to the server’s audit log, you can scroll back to the earliest entries. The audit log records various server activities, including the creation of the server. However, please note that the audit log might not be available for all servers, especially those where you don’t have administrative privileges.

4. Bot Commands: Some Discord bots, like Dyno or Tatsumaki, offer commands that display server information, including the creation date. You can invite these bots to your server and use their commands to retrieve the server’s age.

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5. External Websites: Several external websites offer Discord server information and statistics. By using these websites, you can find details about the server, including its creation date.


1. Can I check the server’s age if I’m not an admin?
Unfortunately, the methods mentioned above require administrative privileges or access to certain server features.

2. Why isn’t the server creation badge visible?
The server creation badge is only visible to administrators. If you don’t have admin privileges, you won’t see it.

3. What if the member joined date is not accurate?
Member joined dates can be inaccurate if there has been a member purge or if the oldest member has left the server.

4. Can I find the server’s age on the Discord mobile app?
Yes, the methods mentioned above are applicable on both the desktop and mobile versions of Discord.

5. Are there any other ways to determine a server’s age?
Apart from the methods mentioned above, there aren’t any official ways to check a Discord server’s age.

6. Can I find the server’s age if it’s hidden?
Unfortunately, if a server’s information is hidden or not accessible, it becomes challenging to determine its age.

7. Does the server’s age affect its functionality?
No, the age of a server doesn’t impact its functionality or features. It is merely an informational aspect.

In conclusion, while Discord doesn’t provide a direct way to check a server’s creation date, you can use various methods, such as the server creation badge, member joined date, server log, bot commands, or external websites, to estimate its age. Keep in mind that these methods might not always provide accurate information, but they can give you a rough idea of how old a Discord server is.

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