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How to Add Admins to Ark Server


How to Add Admins to Ark Server

Adding admins to your Ark server can be essential for managing and moderating your gameplay experience. Admins have special privileges that allow them to enforce rules, resolve disputes, and ensure a smooth gaming environment. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add admins to your Ark server:

Step 1: Connect to your server
Launch the game and go to the main menu. Click on “Join Ark” and select your server from the list. Log in using your admin account credentials.

Step 2: Enable admin privileges
Once you’re in the game, press the Tab key to open the console. Type “enablecheats [adminpassword]” (replace [adminpassword] with your server’s admin password) and press Enter. This will grant you admin privileges.

Step 3: Promote a player to admin
In the console, type “admincheat MakeTribeAdmin [playername]” (replace [playername] with the player’s in-game name) to promote them to admin status. They will now have access to admin commands.

Step 4: Verify admin status
To verify if a player has admin privileges, type “admincheat ShowMyAdminManager” in the console. This will display a list of all current admins on the server.


1. How do I obtain the admin password?
The admin password is set in your server’s configuration files. You can usually find it in the ‘GameUserSettings’ or ‘Game.ini’ file.

2. Can I add multiple admins?
Yes, you can add multiple admins by following the same steps and promoting different players.

3. How do I remove admin privileges?
To remove admin privileges, type “admincheat MakeTribeAdmin [playername]” in the console again, but replace [playername] with the player’s name. This will demote them from admin status.

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4. What commands can admins use?
Admins have access to various commands, such as spawning items, taming creatures, teleporting players, and more. Refer to the official Ark wiki for a complete list of admin commands.

5. Can I add admins while the server is running?
Yes, you can add and remove admins at any time, even while the server is running. Simply follow the steps mentioned above.

6. Do admins have any limitations?
Admins have a responsibility to maintain fair gameplay, so it’s important to use admin powers responsibly. Abuse of powers may result in consequences or loss of admin privileges.

7. Can I add admins to single-player mode?
Yes, the process is similar. Just launch the game in single-player mode and follow the steps mentioned above.

By following these steps, you can easily add admins to your Ark server and ensure a well-managed and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. Remember to use your admin powers responsibly and fairly.