Embedded Technology Guide Tech A Server Should Check With a Manager Before Accepting Which Type of ID

A Server Should Check With a Manager Before Accepting Which Type of ID


A Server Should Check With a Manager Before Accepting Which Type of ID

When it comes to serving alcohol, it is crucial for servers to be diligent in checking identification to ensure that they are not serving underage individuals. However, determining which type of identification is acceptable can sometimes be confusing, especially with the wide variety of IDs available. In such cases, it is always recommended for servers to check with a manager before accepting any form of identification. Here’s why:

1. Legal compliance: Laws regarding acceptable forms of identification may vary from one jurisdiction to another. A manager will have a better understanding of the local regulations and can provide guidance to ensure legal compliance.

2. Consistency: By consulting with a manager, servers can ensure that they are applying the same standards for all customers. This consistency helps maintain a fair and non-discriminatory environment.

3. Liability protection: Accepting a fake or invalid ID can have serious consequences for both the server and the establishment. By seeking approval from a manager, servers can mitigate the risk of serving alcohol to someone with fraudulent identification.

4. Updated information: A manager is more likely to be aware of any changes or updates in the acceptable forms of identification. This ensures that the establishment remains up to date with the current requirements.

5. Training opportunity: Consulting a manager provides an opportunity for servers to learn and understand the nuances of various identification types. This knowledge can be beneficial for future instances where a manager may not be readily available.

6. Customer satisfaction: By involving a manager in the ID verification process, customers are more likely to trust the establishment’s commitment to responsible service. This can enhance their overall experience and satisfaction.

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7. Personal safety: In some cases, individuals may react negatively when their identification is questioned. Having a manager involved can help defuse any potential confrontations and ensure the safety of the server and other patrons.


1. Can I accept any form of identification?
Answer: No, it is important to follow local regulations and the establishment’s guidelines. Always check with a manager for clarity.

2. Is a foreign ID acceptable?
Answer: Accepting foreign IDs may depend on local laws and establishment policies. Consult a manager for guidance.

3. Can I accept an expired ID?
Answer: Generally, expired IDs are not acceptable for age verification. Verify with a manager in case of exceptions.

4. What if the ID looks fake?
Answer: Refrain from accepting any suspicious or fake-looking IDs. Involve a manager immediately.

5. Should I accept a digital ID?
Answer: Digital IDs may have specific requirements. Seek guidance from a manager before accepting them.

6. Can I rely on an ID scanner?
Answer: While ID scanners can assist in verification, consulting a manager is still recommended for potential issues.

7. What if a customer refuses to show ID?
Answer: In such cases, a manager should be notified immediately to handle the situation appropriately.

Remember, when in doubt, always consult a manager before accepting any form of identification. It is better to be safe than sorry when serving alcohol responsibly.