Keynote and Invited Speakers

Keynote: Pravin Desale, Vice President, Seagate Technology

Title: “Era of Edge Computing: Co-innovation Opportunities for Academics and Industry in securely harnessing the data deluge

Abstract: As the world is moving towards IT 4.0, we do see massive data generated, stored and analyzed. This data deluge from IOT is providing the industry and academics next set of unprecedented opportunities for innovation —   in the areas of edge intelligence, AI, machine learning, automation. This disruption calls for different demands on storage while blending the integrity and security of the data — the “new oil”. This talk explains these disruptive innovation as it unfolds in front of us in real time. It also points the upcoming opportunities to leverage the potential of data, its secure storage by co-innovation between industry and academia across the world and in India.

Biography: Pravin Desale is Vice President of Product Development at Seagate Technology. He is responsible for engineering and development of all of Seagate’s Solid State Devices (SSDs) and relevant product design. Pravin Desale is also responsible for guiding India investments of Seagate and management structure for India entity for the company. Pravin Desale and his management team joined Seagate as a result of acquisition of Flash Business by Seagate from LSI Corporation/Avago in 2014.

Prior to joining Seagate, Pravin held various roles at LSI Corporation/Avago ranging from VP of RAID storage product development to General Manager of LSI’s India operations. Pravin has been Founder/Engineering leader at a number of smaller companies that he helped acquire/integrate within fortune 500 companies such as LSI corporation, National Semiconductor in India and the US. Pravin continues to be active within venture community as well as has held fiduciary roles at emerging technology start up entities over past few years.

Pravin has 25+ years of professional experience ranging from research and development of storage, networking and multimedia/communication products to managing profit loss (P&Ls), operational and engineering competencies for global development centers.

Pravin holds Masters of Science from Santa Clara University (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Bachelors of Engineering from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP, Electronics and Telecommunication engineering)

Pravin Desale

Speaker: Satish Gokhale, Director Design Directions

Title: “Design That Makes a Difference

Biography: A graduate of India’s premier design institute, National Institute of Design (NID), Satish and his firm Design Directions Pvt Ltd founded in 1988 by him and his better half – Falguni – also a graduate of NID Ahmedabad – combines design, technology, aesthetics and relevant materials to create a major impact on industrial, medical, electronic and consumer products. Design Direction’s focus is on brand strategy, industrial design, visual communication and user interface design.

Satish is a recipient of several local and international awards. Just to name one- he is the recipient of the Design of the Decade Award for a low cost water filter – Tata Swach, designed for the Tata Group, instituted by the Industrial Designers Society of America. He also recently received a Red Dot Award in Germany and a ‘G’ Mark (Good Design Mark) in Japan for an indigenously designed solar based computing device – Mobiliz. One of his products – MiraCradle – a Neonate Cooler was recently awarded the President’s award for Successful Commercialisation of Indigenous Technology.

Satish has been a jury member on several design award committees – local and overseas. A founder member of the Association of Designers of India (ADI) and is a member of the India Design Council (IDC). He is also a member of CII committee on design at the national level. He has been invited to speak at several National & International Design conferences.

Through his work, Satish has been able to raise a great level of awareness towards design in varied sectors and prove to that by sheer market success, the importance and benefits of industrial design. He has till date, successfully designed and launched over 650 products in the Indian and international markets for a host of clients, ranging from the small scale sector to the heavy industry sector.

Some of Satish’s products are sold in over 40 countries. He holds many patents, design registrations, most of which have been licensed.

Satish Gokhale

Speaker: Sachin Ghanekar, Group director in Processor IP Group of Cadence Design Systems, Pune

Title: “Product Architecture and Development : Explained with a case study”

Abstract: Today’s products are becoming increasingly complex and intelligent. The speed of innovation is at it’s all time high especially in domain of natural man machine interface & connectivity. Within 2-3 years, products are becoming outdated especially with regards to features related to user interactions. To design a SOC for such a product in this ever-changing requirements poses a challenge. This presentation tries to address this challenge by extracting a few basic rules or principles while designing the SOC. If the SOC designer keeps these principles in mind, a good future proof SOC can be designed.

The scope of the presentation is restricted to SOC design and development which lies in the center of any Product. The presentation attempts to describe & capture the process of SOC architecture and development through a case study. As an example (case-study), it explains the process of SOC architecture design and development for an interactive digital radio. The presentation extracts few basic principles & steps that can be followed during product architecture and development to ensure that the SOC designed for the product is future proof.

Biography: Graduated from IIT-Bombay with B.Tech in Elec Engg in 1987 and MTech in Communication and Signal processing in 1989. Completed Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts, Thesis titled “Realizations and Architectures for Digital Filters Using Periodically Time Varying Systems” in 1992. Ph.D. thesis topic was cross-section of VLSI and DSP domains.
1992 to 1997 Worked in Bangalore as Project Manager in Motorola, India.
1998 to 2003 worked Cirrus Logic as a Director, DSP firmware, on different audio and speech DSP firmwares & solutions.
2003 to 2006 worked with Sasken, Pune on various multi-media projects and products as a Program Manager.
Joined Tensilica in 2006 and was working as Director, DSP software before Tensilica became part of Cadence.
Currently working as Group Director in Processor IP Group of Cadence Design Systems responsible for DSP software.

Domain of interest:
– DSP algorithms, firmware and architectures.

Publications & Patents:
– 5 IEEE transaction papers in Signal Processing and Circuits and System Journels.
– 3 conference papers in various international conferences
– Awarded 7 US patents in the field of audio, speech, DSP firmwares & implementations.

Sachin Ghanekar

Speaker: Pankajj Ghode, Blockchain & Cyber Security expert, Founder – Global Blockchain Foundation

Title: “Cyber Security

Abstract: We all know the world is changing fast and that technology is one of the drivers behind this. Faster internet, smartphones and the rise of the App economy have transformed how people engage and organizations do business. Organizations that adapt shift from a place where IT is seen as a cost center to one where IT drives the commercial strategy, from long planning cycles to rapid “test and learn” product releases, and from silos to inclusiveness. It’s the combination with people and processes that transform organizations into digital leaders. It’s about new ways of working.


Pankajj P Ghode is Founder and Chairman of Global Blockchain Foundation, CEO of Icybersec Global, he is also serving as Consultant to Maharashtra State Police, Ministry Electronics and information technology for Digital India projects, as Cyber experts, Cyber Intelligence, NHP and working on creating high- impact business solutions through AI & Cognitive Computing, Blockchain Security, Computer Vision, Human- Machine Interface (AR & VR) and IoT.

Pankajj led two corporate success stories with distinction, Wipro from 1999 to 2003 and IBM – Experis from 2006 to 2015. Was part of building significance technology base for IBM – Experis and its Telecom business unit. Was instrumental in providing high level of consulting to Vodafone, Idea, Bharti telecom, Sing-tel, Safari-com, AT&T and Reliance Jio.

Pankajj is a member of NASSCOM, He is also a member of the National Council of the CII, He has close to 18 years’ experience in IT strategy, Digital Transformation, System Integrators, Captives, Start-Up Organizations and Individuals to help them become more effective. This typically means training, coaching and consulting in Agile & Lean methods, enabling Engineering practices, DevOps tooling and architecting lean solutions using latest digital technology, In the process have researched and experimented with various Agile and Lean methods – DSDM, XP, Scrum, Kanban, Blockchain, Cyber specialist, Vulnerability specialist, SAFe, LeSS, DAD; Digital technologies – CMS, e-commerce, analytics, big data, RIA, mobile, social, micro services and cloud; Using these have delivered e2e solutions for various domains – Telecom, Media, High-Tech, Banking, Health, Investment, Automotive, Travel and Retail.

– Projects – Cyber Consultant – Bank of Maharashtra, Home Ministry, Kotak Bank, Axis Bank.
– Narendra Modi – Mobile application – Designed and provided high level analytics to develop the
application + Cyber Audit.
– Digital Transformation for DICCI organization to reach masses and created significant tool to
interact with all DICCI members and Govt.
– Provided guidelines for to setup high level blue-mix technology for cloud enablement.
– Proud partner with NIC.
– Provided high level of cyber guidelines to IRCTC and Govt. of Maharashtra.
– Part of International cyber security forum.
– High level of analytics for Reliance Jio.
– Deputy CEO – DICE – Incubation center by Telangana Govt.
– Helped in doing architecture for NHP website.

Pankajj Ghode

Speaker: Anil Raj, Founder/Director Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Title: “Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques


  • Overview of Hacking Concept, types and phases
  • Latest Attack and their consequences.
  • Ransomware attack and preservation
  • Significance of attack in India
  • career in Ethical Hacking
  • Protection and Cyber Crime

Biography: Mr. Anil Raj, the founder of Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt. Ltd, is a leader, a creative thinker, a modernizer and a tech savvy person with a rich experience from top MNCs as a Security Consultant
During his employment tenure, He has reached up to Chief Technical Officer Levels. Powered by intellect and backed with passion for technology, Mr. Anil Raj founded Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2013. He has a diverse background that includes network and web application Security, Penetration testing, Forensics, Trainings, and regulatory compliance methodologies. Having performed number of penetration tests assessing well over 5,000 hosts in Industry, Mr. Anil Raj has had a considerable hands-on IT Security experience of consulting & lecturing, whether it was for Government Agencies, Telecom Companies, Financial and international companies. Mr. Anil Raj has a team of specialized domain expertise workforce working for various clients globally. He envisioned of Cybervault as a platform to merge innovation and creativity. Passion for technology and dedication has helped him create a niche in the field of Technology.

– Bachelors of Engineering Technology (Computer Engg.)
– Holding number of Professional Networking Certifications like MCSE, CCNA, Network+.
– Holder of International Certifications like CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), ECSA (EC Council Certified Security Analyst) & LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester),
– Featured in various Newspaper like Times of India, Pune Mirror, Mid-Day, Sakal , DNA and many more for Cyber Security issues.
– He has also featured on Radio City 91.1 for Tips on Cyber Security in day to day life.
– He is an active member of various underground hacking groups & communities worldwide. Anil Raj firmly believes that dedication coupled with inspiration leads to Innovation. He strongly believes that every dream can be lived with firm determination and dedication. He has always been an ardent leader, may it be during his academic days or his professional career.

Anil Raj

Speaker: Nicco Bhabu – Co-Founder & V.P Technical EV Motors India Pvt. Ltd.

Title: “EV Unplugged: An Introductory Tutorial to Electric Vehicles

Abstract: Unlike vehicles with combustion engines, electric vehicles do not produce exhaust gases during operation. This alone makes electric vehicles more environmentally friendly than vehicles with conventional technology. However, the electrical energy for charging the vehicle does have to be produced from renewable sources, e.g. from wind, solar, hydroelectric or biogas power plants.

By combining different drive types, the overall efficiency of the vehicle can be improved and fuel consumption can be reduced. This short tutorial will briefly talk about the history of EVs and then touch upon the various components that comprise an EV and will explore areas of continuing research on EVs.

Biography: Nicco has 20+ years of experience in the semiconductor electronics and the renewable energy industry with 10+ patents under his name. He had setup and managed highly motivated and innovative global R&D team in Design for Test domain cross US and India. He has designed several industry first ASIC chipsets for use in the Automotive, Avionics, Displays and Communication Industry. At ChipX, he managed teams across US and Israel and was responsible for development and delivery of the next generation architecture for structured ASICs. He has also designed and developed the first scuba-diving computer for use in deep sea operations.

Nicco Bhabu

Speaker: Ajay Gaikaiwari, VIT & Vaibhav Kale, Sr. Manager Xilinx

Title: “Job opportunities for fresher in Semiconductor industry

Abstract: -Semiconductor and Embedded industry continues to attract talented Electronics/Comp Sci/Instrumentation engineers worldwide considering its continuous evolving nature in applications such as Autonomous Cars, AI, Datacenter, 5G deployment etc.
-Freshers have various opportunities available in this industry. It can range from front end (RTL Design, Verification, Validation, Prototype) or backend (Implementation flow, P & R, floorplanning) opportunities or in algorithm development, DSP implementation, firmware, system software development etc.
-Individuals after gaining experience can become RTL lead, project managers, Architects or can manage big teams of engineers/application engineers or gain tech-commercial knowledge to become Sales/Marketing experts
– Usually the technical knowledge that students gain in Universities is mostly focused on theoretical aspects with intermittent exposure to practical work in their labs. This is not the same as what is expected in the industry.
-There are, in addition to the academic courses, some extra skills required by the industry like programming languages, interpersonal skills, working with datasets, knowledge of operating systems which are required for daily technical work.
-With the advent of recent technologies like IoT and rebirth of concepts like AI, ML, emphasis on statistical approach in VLSI design is need of the hour. Students need to be prepared with statistical programming languages and have strong mathematical fundamentals to be able to handle the latest paradigms in the industry.
-Industry funded University programs can certainly help bridge the gap that students face when they are in the industry and industries can work with their academic counterparts to help design academic courses that cater to the latest trends and requirements in the industry.

Biography: Ajay Gaikaiwari has Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Toldeo, Ohio, USA and Bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation from University of Pune, India.

He has been in the field of VLSI design for 17 years, spanning 13+ years in the industry initially and 4 years in academics.

He started his career designing High Speed circuits for SPARC microprocessors at Sun Microsystems, Sunnyvale. He has also worked at ARM as a Circuit Designer. Before moving to India, he was Principle Hardware Engineer at Oracle Corporation, Santa Clara. At Oracle he leveraged his experience in circuit design to develop various tools for High Speed Microprocessors.

Currently he is Adjunct Professor at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune. For the past 4 years he has been teaching Professional Development Courses in CMOS circuit design to the students at VIT. He also coaches students on a number of entrepreneurial projects and aspects as a part of these courses. His areas of interest include Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Algorithms for Optimization of CMOS circuits.

Ajay Gaikaiwari

Biography: Vaibhav Kale is currently working as Senior Manager, Strategic Applications Engineering at Xilinx Hyderabad. In his 19 years of professional experience, he worked at various Semiconductor/Embedded product companies like ST Microelectronics, IBM, Synopsys and Xilinx in variety of roles in R & D, Sales and Marketing organizations.

Vaibhav completed his graduation from VIT college of Engineering in 1995 followed by M.Tech. from IIT-BHU in 1997. He started his career as Lecturer in Cummins College in engineering but then transitioned to Semiconductor industry after completing Diploma in VLSI Design from CDAC Pune. He is active in Industry forums and presented at various conferences such as International VLSI conference, ARM Tech Symposium, SNUG etc. Vaibhav is also a certified career coach and coached many professionals for career development, planning and transition.

Vaibhav Kale
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