Call for Half-Day and Full-Day Tutorials

HALF-DAY AND FULL-DAY TUTORIALS: The ES 2018 and VLSID 2018 technical program will feature both half-day and full-day Tutorials to be held on the first two days of the conference. Tutorial proposals are invited for full-day and half-day tutorials that present current topics in Embedded Systems, VLSI Design and Test, EDA and related fields. Tutorials should focus on established or emerging research topics within the field itself, but we also welcome tutorials from related research fields or application areas. The ideal tutorial should attract a wide audience, be broad to provide a gentle introduction to the chosen research area, and should also cover the most important contributions in depth. Proposals that exclusively focus on the presenter’s own work or commercial presentations are not eligible.

Tutorial Proposal Guidelines

A tutorial proposal must include the following information:

1. Length of the Tutorial (half-day or full day)

2. Title of the Topic, Names and Affiliations of the Author(s)

3. List of lecturer(s) who will be presenting the tutorial

4. Extended Abstract (up to 2 pages only)

5. Table of contents and break-down of the Tutorial (as detailed as possible) up to 2 pages. The tutorial is not a report on scientific activity of the author(s), and we recommend that the tutorial content is divides in four parts: a) the review of the ideas which spawned the tutorial topic (25%), the review of the main publications which established the tutorial field (25%), the review of the scientific work of authors in the field of tutorial (25%), and the review of the main directions in the future development of tutorial field (25%).

6. List of the main references (books, papers, including the work of authors, not more than 1 page) pertaining to the tutorial topic. As applicable, indicate books which can be used as the tutorial textbook(s).

7. Detailed list of Publications/Patents by Author(s) on the topic of the tutorial.

8. Experience in offering tutorials

9. Detailed Biography of lecturer(s).

Conference Tutorial (Half-day and Full-Day) Dates: Saturday January 6, 2018 and Sunday January 7, 2018

Please submit your tutorial proposal in PDF format at Submission Link

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