Tutorial Program

VLSI Design & Embedded Systems Conference 2015 - Tutorial Program
Day 1
Jan 3rd, 2015
Session T1 Session T2 Session T3 Session T4
Tutorial T1.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1300hrs

Dealing with Startup Issues in Low Power Mixed Signal SoCs, Sriram Ganesan (Analog Devices)

Tutorial T2.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1300hrs

Physical DesignVerification in 14 nm and below. Srinivas Velivala (Mentor Graphics)

Tutorial T3.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1300hrs

Introduction to MEMS; their applications as Sensors for Chemical & Bio Sensing Applications, Nitin Kale (NanoSniff)
Tutorial T4.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1030hrs

Architecture techniques to push the speed envelope and linearity of high performance converters:
Shagun Dusad and Nagarajan Viswanathan (Texas Instruments India)
Tutorial T4.2
Time: 1100hrs to 1230hrs

Intel(R) Sensing Platform for Internet of Things.
Dileep Paruchuri (Intel)
Tutorial T1.2
Time: 1400hrs to 1800hrs

High Performance Low Power Designs – Challenges and Best practices in Design, Verification and Test, Nagesh Tamarapalli, Prashanth Vallur and Sachin Sudhakar Kulkarni (AMD)
Tutorial T2.2
Time: 1400hrs to 1800hrs

Introduction to Seagate’s Flash Controllers, Accelerators for wide range of applications. Kedar N Patankar, Shrikrishna Mehetre, Venkat Naraina (Seagate)
Tutorial T3.2
Time: 1400hrs to 1800hrs

Neuromorphic Computing - Algorithms, Devices and Systems, Bipin Rajendran and Udayan Ganguly (IIT Mumbai), and Manan Suri (IIT Delhi)
Tutorial T4.3
Time: 1400hrs to 1530hrs

mbed: Exploring Rapid Prototyping with ARM-based Microcontrollers.
Radha Narayan, Sadanand Gulwadi, (ARM)
Day 2
Jan 4th, 2015
Session T5 Session T6 Session T7 Session T8
Tutorial T5.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1300hrs

FinFET Device Circuit Co-Design: Issues and Challenges, Sudeb Dasgupta and Anand Bulusu (IIT Roorkee)
Tutorial T6.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1300hrs

Hardware Security and Trust: Challenges, Design and Validation Approaches, Prabhat Mishra (University of Florida), Swarup Bhunia (Case Western Reserve University), and Srivaths Ravi, (Texas Instruments, India)
Tutorial T7.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1300hrs

Scheduling Issues in Embedded Real-Time Systems, Parameswaran Ramanathan (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison)
Tutorial T8.1
Time: 0900hrs to 1030hrs

Internet of Things – Challenges and Considerations for an Endpoint Device: IoT
Sankar Debnath and Suraj Iyer - (Texas Instruments)
Tutorial T8.2
Time: 1100hrs to 1230hrs

“Tiny but powerful” – Intel Edison for IoT.

Raghavendra Ural, (Intel)
Tutorial T5.2
Time: 1400hrs to 1800hrs

Computing with Spintronics: From Devices to Architecture, Anand Raghunathan and Kaushik Roy (Purdue University)
Tutorial 6.2
Time: 1400hrs to 1800hrs

Physically Unclonable Function: a Promising Security Primitive for Internet of Things, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, Rajat Subhra Chakraborty, Phuong Ha Nguyen and Durga Prasad Sahoo (IIT Kharagpur)
Tutorial T7.2
Time: 1400hrs to 1800hrs

Error Resilient Real-Time Embedded Systems: Computing, Communications and Control,
Jacob Abraham (Univ. of Texas, Austin), Abhijit Chatterjee (Georgia Tech)

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