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Proposals for embedded tutorials (short tutorials) and special sessions (a set of related papers on a subject) in emerging areas will be considered for inclusion in the technical program. All submissions in these categories must be no more than two pages long using 10 point fonts and single-spacing.

Embedded Tutorials

Embedded tutorials are part of the conference program and should provide an in-depth presentation on a specific topic of contemporary interest. Emerging topics often command wide audience interest and are preferred. Typically, an embedded tutorial has a small number (one or two) presenters, although the appropriate number of speakers may vary from topic to topic.
Embedded tutorial proposals should include an abstract, a description of why the topic is deserving of an embedded tutorial slot, a list of speakers, and brief biographies of all speakers.

Special Sessions

Special sessions are focused on a specific topic that attracts wide audience interest. This may either be a topic that is emerging, or one that has commanded significant interest recently and has new developments to report. The speakers for a special session should together cover a wide set of perspectives for the topic.

Special session proposals should be submitted with an abstract that describes the session and its importance, the list of speakers, and what each speaker will bring to the session, abstracts for all proposed talks, and brief biographies of all speakers.


Panels are intended to explore a focused area by providing multiple viewpoints. Panels may be either educational, providing an overview of a new area from various constituencies, or may provide multiple differing views on a subject. For the latter type of panel, controversy is good and makes the panel interesting! Panel topics may cover technical issues and/or business issues: the best panels often provide a good balance of both.

Panel proposals must be submitted with an abstract explaining the importance of the topic, an explanation of why the panel is educational or controverial, and the names and brief biographies of all panelists.

Important Dates

Submission deadline :  Submissions Closed

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