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International Conference for Students on VLSI Design and Embedded Systems - Jan 7th and 8th 2013

About VLSI and Embedded Systems Conference

VLSI Design Conference and Embedded Systems Conference 2013 proudly continues the tradition of organizing a student conference specifically targeted at the student community.

The key motivation behind the student conference is to assist students, who are at the threshold of making a career decision, in getting a broader view regarding the domain of hardware design and familiarizing them with advanced research areas in VLSI and Embedded systems. Students stand to benefit immensely from this opportunity to meet the experts in these fields. By participating in this conference they will get a close look at the current trends in VLSI and learn about the upcoming technological innovations. They will get a chance to ask questions regarding career opportunities and can seek advice from the best in the field. The student conference includes keynote speeches by veteran speakers from the Industry and it also features panel discussions. On completion of this conference, students will receive a certification from the governing body of the VLSI and Embedded Systems Conference 2013.

Participating in an international level forum shall give these students an edge when they decide to start their corporate life in the industry. It shall give them a feel of the real world technological challenges and ease their transition into the semiconductor industry. In addition, it shall provide them with a better understanding to select appropriate and relevant project work.

Key Benefits and Takeaways:

  • An opportunity to meet technology leaders
  • An opportunity to learn from the experts in the field of VLSI design
  • Understand the latest technology trends in VLSI and Embedded Systems
  • Understand expert views on career/job opportunities
  • Get an opportunity to network with industry professionals
  • Obtain certification from an International conference


For participation in the ‘Student Conference:
  • Pre-final and Final year students of BE/ME/B.Tech/M.Tech in Electronics/Electrical/Computer/Instrumentation/IT, B.Sc./M.Sc Electronics, BCS/MCS
  • Faculty with less than two years of experience

Student Conference Schedule:

Day 1: Monday Jan7, 2013

Time Student Track
Main Conference Inauguration
Conference Keynote1 (applicable to all tracks)
Conference Keynote2 (applicable to all tracks)
Tea/Coffee Break
Pre Lunch
S1.1.1 : Inauguration of Student conference cum Keynote Conference : Dr. Rajat Moona, Director General CDAC, Pune
S1.1.2: Product definition : Presenter: Yatin Acharya, Marvel
Post Lunch
S1.2.1 : Product/SOC architecture and challenges : Presenter: Mahesh Mehendale, Fellow TI
S1.2.2: SOC Design and Verification: Presenter: Raghunath Tilak APM
Tea/Coffee Break
Post Afternoon Tea Conference Keynote 3 (applicable to all tracks)
Post Afternoon Tea
S1.3.1 : SOC backend : Presenter: Ranjit Yashwante and Jim Monthie, LSI
S1.3.2: Panel discussion:Market Survey (understanding need of the end user) Vs. Steve Job's way (telling end user what they need), Yatin Acharya Marvel, Satish Soman Fellow APM,Mr. Vivek Pawar CEO SankalpSemi, K Gopinath, VP of Engineering at AirTight Networks, Jaya Panwalkar Sr. Director NVIDIA
Evening Panel Discussion (applicable to all tracks)

Day 2: Tuesday Jan8, 2013

Time Student Track
Conference Keynote4 (applicable to all tracks)
Conference Keynote5 (applicable to all tracks)
Tea/Coffee Break
Pre Lunch
S2.1.1 : Board/System Design challenges : Presenter:Jim Monthie, LSI
S2.1.2: System SW and Application SW : Presenter : Himanshu Bhat NVIDIA
Post Lunch
S2.2.1 : Product/SW Testing : Presenter: Milind Sinkar, Abhijeet Aphale, LSI
S2.2.2: Taking the product to Market : Presenter :Vivek Tyagi, Freescale
Tea/Coffee Break
Post Afternoon Tea Conference Keynote 6 (applicable to all tracks)
Post Afternoon Tea
S2.3.1 : Job opportunities for fresher in Semiconductor industry and required Soft skills : Presenter : Pradeep Vajram, CEO, Smartplay
S2.3.2: Panel discussion: After Bachelor degree taking Job Vs. Higher studies Vs. Starting something on our own.
Panel Discussion : After Bachelor degree taking Job Vs Higher studies Vs Starting something on our own. : Raman Santhanakrishnan, MD LSI, Pradeep Dharane MD APM, Vivek Pawar CEO Sankalp,Ashutosh Parasnis MD Qlogic, Abhijit Athavale CEO Markonix, Rony Anthony, LSI
Awards (applicable to all tracks)


Registration : Registration details will be available soon.

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