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Visa Guidelines for VLSID Conference 2013 for delegates

All foreign nationals coming to attend the VLSID Conference 2013, India are required to apply for a conference visa only.  This also applies to those foreign nationals who are coming as attendants/escorts of the delegates with disabilities. However, “accompanying persons/family members” visiting India with their respective main delegates whose sole purpose is for leisure/sight-seeing and not  be at the conference in any capacity may seek a Tourist Visa (please check with the Indian Consulates before you proceed).

If the delegates plan to travel within India for tourism around the conference period, they still need to apply for a “Conference Visa” only and not a “Tourist Visa”.

In the visa application, you will be required to indicate your stay period and also provide necessary documents related to your reservation details to tourism destinations. The permission for the extended duration of stay in India is entirely at the discretion of the consular officials.

The Secretariat, VLSID Conference 2013, India will send a Conference Invitation letter  to all international delegates of VLSID Conference 2013, (including authors of posters/ papers, presenters, panelists, speakers etc) who complete and confirm the online registration process for the conference.  This invitation letter would be required to apply for a Conference visa.

For delegates from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin, and Stateless persons, the Organizers will need to obtain a clearance from the Ministries of External and Home Affairs, Govt. of India. This internal procedure may take four weeks or longer. So delegates from these countries must allow sufficient time for visa processing.

Foreign delegates with Indian roots:

All Non-Resident Indians (NRI), who do not possess the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) or Person of Indian Origin (POI) card, need to apply for a Conference Visa.

Delegates with existing valid multiple entry visa:

 Apart from making sure that your visa is valid for the entirety of your visit to India, please note that your last departure from India should be at least two months before your entry for this conference.

Documentation required for obtaining VISA:

Apart from the regular documents (duly completed and signed application form, original passport valid for at least six months, passport-size photographs, proof of residence, etc.) required by the Indian High Commission/Embassy/Mission to apply for an Indian visa, the following supporting documents shall also be needed to apply for a conference visa.

  • Invitation letter sent from Secretariat, VLSID Conference 2013, India.
  • Approval/NOC letter from the Ministry of External Affairs (Political Clearance). Click here to download
  • Approval/NOC letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Security Clearance). Click here to download
  • No Objection Letter of the State Government (Government of NCT of Delhi) Click here to download
  • No Objection letter from the Nodal Ministry (Min. of IT, Govt. of India) Click here to download.

The invitation letter shall be sent to the delegates on their successful completion of Registration process (Paid).   The delegates are advised to plan their visa procurement carefully. The validity of visa begins usually from the date of issuance of the visa and NOT from the start date of your journey to India.   In case if you have any question, please write to : vlsidvisa.query@gmail.com

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